We started in 2003 as an all girl band – Anna (vocals), Pia (Guitar), Susi (Bass) and Manja (Drums). But the idea of an all girl band didn’t last long because Pia decided to leave the band. So at the end of 2003 Kaufi (Guitar) joined the Uppercuts and stayed until today.

Anna left the band and Manja took over the mic. Mitja (Drums) has joined as well as Erich (Lead Guitar) who added his nice guitar sounds but as times change and people look for different things, Erich left and Mitja also joined other bands but at least supports us whenever he has time. Mekon is another volontier and is filling the gap by playing the lead guitar.

But, it would be fantastic if we could have full time members so the Uppercuts will be complete again.

Foto by Sebastian Oskar Kroll (https://sebastian-oskar-kroll.com)
current UPPERCUTS (Mitja, Kaufi, Susi, Manja, Mekon)